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Embracing Uniqueness: That Vitiligo Guy with James Mcleod

Episode Notes

Greg Michelman and James Mcleod discussed the power of staying true to oneself and using one's experiences to help others. Beginning with Greg's story of overcoming vitiligo and a troubled past, the two discussed the importance of positivity, authenticity, and vulnerability as a superpower. They also discussed the importance of taking the time to meet people and get to know them, and the power of staying humble and accessible, even when one becomes successful. Through their conversation, they reminded listeners to stay safe and stay blessed, and to never forget the power of self-discovery and how it can change lives.

Episode Outline:

(00:06:39) Overcoming Adversity

(00:00:05) Life Transformation

(00:52:24) Accessible Elevation

(00:29:49) Finding Authenticity

(00:18:46) Believing in Yourself

(00:24:05) Kill Old Self

(00:12:41) Rewriting Life Story

(00:57:41) Living Authentically

(00:35:30) Vidaligal Reentry

(00:41:09) Empowering Positivity

(00:46:48) Shaking Hands and Connecting


(00:40:05) I'm the 1% of reentry overcoming all these different things. I'm sure I'm able to go back into communities and talk to young people who're actually making the wrong turn and just talk to everyday people who make poor choices and bad decisions. I'm the possibility for me, I'm not looking back, I'm just moving forward.

(00:23:11) But the beautiful thing about social media, which is funny when I talk to people because some people hate it, but for me, it's like, if you follow the right people, your algorithm is going to show you positivity. My algorithm is filled with positivity. I have no negativity in it anymore because I remove the negativity from it. I don't search for negativity. I search for positivity. So, when I scroll, all I see is you and other people in my circles that are doing either big business or talking about life in a certain way and empowering people and trying to elevate.

(00:58:02) No matter what, man, no matter what, no matter how big I get, no matter how far I go, I still want to be that person, man, who can still reach people.

(00:48:43) It doesn't cost a thing to be kind. A simple smile goes a long way, and these are simple principles that anyone and everyone can do, and it will make the world a better place.

(00:33:47) But I just made some poor choices. And when I got around with the wrong group and hanging around the streets, it kind of turned me into someone else who I really wasn't until I actually went to federal prison. And I realized that this jealousy is not for me. The streets are not for me, right?

(00:26:51) No, I took advantage of my situation or my circumstances. So, for me, it's personally, like, I'm doing so many different things. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm a DJ. I'm a two-time author doing modeling on the side, coming out with a new movie that's going to be called A Different Man that's going to be coming out really soon in theaters and just like, little, small things that just happened in my life. So, for me, it's bigger than Vidaligo, but for me, it's just like, I'm not going to allow Vidal LIGO to pigeonhole me or just define me. And it's like, I'm just getting out of life all different ways.

(00:15:08) But I had to come to my own terms with that, of course, because if I didn't come to my own terms with that, then I really wouldn't know who I'm really in because there was a lot of times I go back and forth with my mom and say, hey, man, are you telling me the truth?

(00:06:04) I have to believe in myself. And I did the right thing. Next thing was trying to go into the right path, and I never looked back ever since then.

(00:46:34) But now as you take a step back and you realize, man, people are just people, man. It's the same thing on all these racial topics and all these who cares. When you step out of the nonsense and you actually go out into the world, which you do a lot of.

(00:52:42) And the thing is, I don't think I get why some people say, Yo, man, you don't even give yourself enough credit, man. And that's the thing. And I started to really show more gratitude on that lately for the last couple of months, because I don't have random conversations with people that I met up with or people I just ran and just having just a simple conversation. They're like, man, thank you. You just changed my whole day.

(00:11:39) The past, one of the things I say about our past is it's always good to look over your shoulder only for the purpose of realizing how far you've come, not to dwell in it and live in it.

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Are you ready to trade the life you have for the life you were born to live? Then you won't want to miss this episode of The Traded Life! Our special guest is James McLeod, a speaker, DJ, and author of two books. He has a skin condition called vitiligo and grew up in a single parent household. Despite facing bullying and teasing, James was able to turn his life around and find his inner voice. Tune in to hear his inspiring story and learn how you can trade the life you have for the one you were born to live! #TheTradedLife #Inspiration #Vitiligo

Are you ready to trade the life you have for the life you were born to live? Tune into the latest episode of The Traded Life podcast to hear Greg Michelman and James Mcleod's inspiring conversation about staying true to yourself and inspiring others. Hear how Greg's journey and struggles have shaped him and how his message can help you reach your goals. Don't miss out on this powerful episode! #TheTradedLife #Inspiration #Goals

Are you looking for a way to elevate to the next level and become the best version of yourself? Then you need to listen to the episode of The Traded Life with Greg Michelman and James Mcleod! In this episode, Greg shares his story of how he went from being involved in the wrong crowd to finding his true identity and purpose. He talks about how he had to let go of old pieces of himself in order to elevate to the next level and how he now surrounds himself with like-minded people. He also shares how he gives off an energy that makes people want to know more about him. Don't miss out on this inspiring episode and start your journey to becoming the best version of yourself! #TheTradedLife #ElevateYourself #FindYourPurpose

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We all have our unique stories and experiences that have the power to shape our lives and the lives of those around us. Greg Michelman and James Mcleod recently discussed the importance of staying true to oneself and using one's experiences to help others. 

Greg Michelman is praising James Mcleod for turning his life around and using his experiences to help others. James Mcleod had vitiligo, a skin condition, when he was younger and was often asked what happened to his face. His mother helped him to see himself for who he truly was. He is now working on a book for adults called The Motivational Man Behind the Face, which talks about his traumatic experiences and how he navigated through them.

James Mcleod believes that identifying his struggles and challenges has made life easier for him. He believes that it is an inside job to make life better and that everyone's journey is different. He is in tune with himself and feels it is an honor to share his story and give others a voice.

Greg and James met in person for the first time at a coffee shop without seeing each other's faces. Greg heard James talking to people in the coffee shop and immediately knew it was him. Greg had heard James on a podcast a few years prior and felt compelled to introduce himself. He was inspired by James' positivity and energy and how he was helping people. Greg believes that the world needs people like James to bring positivity and equal energy.

Greg has learned to be exactly who he is and not be ashamed of his story. He believes that everyone has something relatable and a message to share. People are often afraid to step into their true selves and be happy. People are often conditioned to be negative and not spark conversations or show kindness. People don't know what others are going through and should give them grace.

Greg and James are discussing the power of using social media to spread positivity and empower others. Greg is using vitiligo as an example of how he overcame his insecurities and fears. Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition that is not talked about as much and is often used as a fashion statement. Greg is using his vitiligo to help those who are still hiding in the dark and to teach them to see the beauty inside and outside of themselves.

Greg has taken advantage of his situation and is now an entrepreneur, DJ, two-time author, model, and actor. He is using his platform to uplift, encourage, and make an impact on others. He believes that in order to elevate to the next level, one must "kill the old version of themselves" and focus on their passions and happiness.

Greg realized that life could be better if he had taken the right steps in the beginning. He decided to become a personal trainer and started to work in the fitness industry. He started speaking to young people and telling his story of overcoming adversities. He wrote a children's book, The Boyette Behind the Face, to encourage young people to face their fears and doubts. He found his happiness in encouraging and uplifting others and making an impact every day.

He had to step out of his adult body and look at himself as the young boy with the struggles he went through. He wrote a second book, Daily Superpowers, to give schools, faculty, and children a word of encouragement. He found his inner voice at the age of seven and realized the power of a smile. He started smiling at random strangers and counting how many smiles he got each day.

He surrounded himself with the wrong people and ended up in prison. He used his time in prison for affirmations and to create a strong mind. He found himself in trouble and went down a path that led to prison. He took a negative and turned it into a positive by surrounding himself with the right people. He went back to his community after prison but avoided hanging out in the same places. He started hanging out in different locations and meeting new people. He became someone people looked up to in the streets. He has the ability to talk to people who are making wrong turns and bad decisions. He is the 1% of reentry overcoming all the different things.

Greg and James are discussing the idea of letting go of old versions of oneself in order to elevate to the next level. Greg is talking about how he has taken a step back and is more reserved when it comes to talking about what he does. He surrounds himself with like-minded people and goes to events related to the industry he is in. He has adjusted his behavior but has not changed who he is. He believes that it is important to be authentic and to be the same person no matter who he is around. He gives off an energy that makes people curious about him and want to know more. He has learned to be patient with himself and to accept who he is.

Greg and James' conversation is a powerful reminder that staying true to yourself and using your experiences to help others is a superpower. We all have our unique stories and experiences that have the power to shape our lives and the lives of those around us. By taking the time to meet people and get to know them, staying humble and accessible, and staying positive and authentic, we can all make an impact and help others. Let's take the time to remember the power of self-discovery and how it can change lives.


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