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Salsa King: A Life Realized Through Dance with Romi Sunga

Episode Notes

In this podcast episode, Greg Michelman engages in a captivating conversation with Romi Sunga, an event planner and dance instructor. The episode delves into Romi's journey from being a dancer to becoming an event planner, his passion for Latin music and dance, and the positive impact they have on bringing people together. The conversation emphasizes the importance of living with purpose, setting boundaries with friends, and finding the right fit in the dance industry. Romi and Greg also discuss the significance of surrounding oneself with knowledgeable people, seizing opportunities, and the value of appreciation and feedback. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into personal and professional development, encouraging listeners to pursue their passions, build meaningful connections, and appreciate others.

Episode Outline:

(00:00:05) From Dancer to Event Planner

(00:05:42) The Joy of Latin Music and Dance

(00:11:36) The Importance of Purpose and Authenticity

(00:17:10) Living with Purpose

(00:22:55) Setting Boundaries with Friends

(00:27:56) Transitioning to Sales

(00:33:56) Transitioning Roles in the Dance Industry

(00:39:26) The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Knowledgeable People

(00:45:00) Seizing Opportunities and Taking Control

(00:50:30) Appreciation and Feedback


(00:03:53) I told people I didn't go to school for a degree. I would wake up thinking about the club. I would wake up thinking about going out dancing with the club. I would wake up like, all right, how are we going to teach other people? How are we going to go do more events?

(00:06:03) You give people a very warm and inviting feeling, and so those things don't happen by accident. You don't get to where you're at running the type of events you're running now without having that type of personality and way about going about your business.

(00:16:04) I don't have the time to discuss this. If you want to talk to me about something important, I'll give you my ears and I'll give you my attention all day.

(00:19:39) Stop living your life thinking that tomorrow you'll do the thing. Do the fucking thing today. Do the fucking thing today. Because there is no promise of tomorrow.

(00:26:39) The biggest takeaway from that is just find out what your boundaries are and just defend those lines, and that's it, and you'll feel better. People are going to talk to your shit behind your back no matter what. So just defend your lines and you're good.

(00:28:28) We need to have these relationships where you and I could reach out to each other on the fucking phone like, yo, what up, bro? What's going on? How's that business going? We're lifting each other up, and that's the conversation we're having.

(00:38:40) Now I feel that I'm pretty much almost like a mentor, just pushing the next generation forward and accelerating their ability to be self-employed. Because in this world, we eat what we kill. There's no one who's going to cut a check for us.

(00:40:32) But the truth is, at the end of the day, what matters the most is finding the people you can align with that know more than you do. So, you can learn, so you can build big shit and grow.

(00:47:07) You have to go get what you want. You got to go take what you want in this world, and it doesn't have to be with aggression, and it doesn't have to be with violence. It doesn't have to be with anything. You just got to show up. You got to be a good person.

(00:00:08) It's never too late to trade the life you have for the life you were born to live.

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From his high school days as a rockstar wannabe to his ability to adapt to different social groups, Romi's journey is nothing short of fascinating. 🎸

But what truly sets Romi apart is his ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere at his events, where people can't help but feel a sense of joy and happiness. 🌈

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In this episode, Romi shares his journey from being a dance instructor to a sales role, where he discovered his true calling. πŸ’ƒπŸ“ˆ He reveals how he leveraged his knowledge and connections in the event planning industry to create a unique product that fulfills the needs of both dancers and event planners. πŸŽ‰

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Welcome back to another episode of "The Traded Life" podcast! In this episode, Greg Michelman engages in a captivating conversation with Romi Sunga, a remarkable individual who has transitioned from being a dancer to becoming an event planner and promoter. Romi's journey is filled with valuable insights and practical advice that can inspire personal and professional growth. Join us as we dive into Romi's passion for dancing, the importance of living with purpose, and the power of surrounding oneself with the right people.

Living Life with Purpose and Seizing Opportunities:

Romi and Greg discuss the significance of living life with purpose and not wasting time. Romi shares his experience of seeking clarity and finding solace in nature during a visit to upstate New York. He emphasizes the preciousness of life and encourages everyone to make the most of every day. Romi's commitment to purpose is reflected in his adherence to the four F's: faith, family, finance, and fitness. These categories guide his actions and decisions, ensuring a well-rounded approach to life.

Surrounding Oneself with Knowledgeable People:

One key takeaway from Romi's journey is the value of surrounding oneself with knowledgeable individuals. Romi highlights the importance of seeking out mentors and experts who can provide guidance and support. By learning from those who have already achieved success, we can accelerate our own growth and avoid unnecessary pitfalls. This data-driven insight emphasizes the power of networking and building meaningful connections.

Setting Boundaries and Focusing on the Future:

Romi and Greg discuss the significance of setting boundaries with friends and distancing oneself from negativity. They stress the importance of moving forward and focusing on the future, rather than dwelling on the past. Romi's aversion to drama and his desire to surround himself with positive influences have played a crucial role in his personal and professional development. This practical advice encourages individuals to prioritize their own well-being and strive for continuous improvement.

Seizing Opportunities and Appreciating Others:

Romi emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and not waiting for them to come. He shares his involvement in salsa and Bachata dancing, which has not only brought him personal joy but has also contributed to tourism growth. Romi's success in organizing pop-up events and conventions showcases the power of pursuing one's passions and creating opportunities for others. Additionally, Romi's appreciation for others and his desire to surpass their achievements highlight the importance of gratitude and continuous growth.


Romi Sunga's journey from dancer to event planner and promoter is a testament to the power of passion, purpose, and surrounding oneself with the right people. Through his insights, we learn the importance of living with intention, setting boundaries, and seizing opportunities. Romi's story serves as a reminder to make the most of every moment, appreciate others, and embrace personal growth. So, let's take a page from Romi's book and embark on our own journey of self-discovery and success.

Don't forget to subscribe to "The Traded Life" podcast for more inspiring stories and valuable insights. Let's trade our current lives for the lives we were born to live!

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