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The Rise Of Virtual Assistants with Chris Kille

Episode Notes

In this podcast episode, Greg Michelman and Chris Kille dive into the world of entrepreneurship and personal growth. They discuss their own journeys as entrepreneurs and the challenges and rewards that come with it. They emphasize the importance of surrounding oneself with elevated individuals who can inspire and challenge personal and professional growth. The conversation also covers topics such as shiny object syndrome, the importance of saying no, managing phone notifications for improved focus, customer service automation, and setting boundaries with customers. They also touch upon productivity and growth strategies such as delegating tasks and focusing on high-level activities. This episode provides valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone seeking personal and professional fulfillment.

Episode Outline:

(00:00:05) Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth

(00:05:33) Entrepreneurial Drive and Growth

(00:11:15) Benefits of Surrounding Yourself with Elevated People

(00:16:26) The Challenges of Shiny Object Syndrome

(00:22:14) The Power of Saying No

(00:27:00) Managing phone notifications.

(00:32:03) Customer Service Automation

(00:36:33) Setting Boundaries with Customers

(00:41:48) Setting Boundaries with Customers

(00:46:41) Productivity and Growth Strategies


(00:04:02) I am a terrible fucking employee, and I came out of college or came out of whatever you want to call it, right? I couldn't hold a job. Keep getting fired again and again. And just at the end of the day, I don't like being told what to do.

(00:09:52) I want to fast track this as fast as I can just to fucking rub it in everybody else's face. That told me some people. I'll give you an example. My own mother told me at one time that there are some people who are directed at me. She goes, there are some people in this world that are meant to work for people. Not everybody's meant to own and run a company by themselves.

(00:12:53) But what I found is the older you get and the more successful you get, and I know you've dealt with this too. You must have nice conversations. Oh, you got a new watch. Yeah, it must be nice, right? Oh, I heard you went on vacation. Yeah. That must be nice. Yeah, motherfucker. Yeah, it is nice because I work my motherfucking ass off.

(00:16:34) Proximity is power. Who you surround, I mean, all these things. And the thing that people don't understand, it's not just the actual physical being with somebody. Every part of that is elevated.

(00:24:00) Well, they say no is a full sentence.

(00:29:27) I protect my time and my energy with everything I have.

(00:33:08) And for you, like, in your business, right? Okay, it's December and it's in whatever, and you have 400 people in the building. The goddamn furnace is out. Okay. Yes, that's an emergency. You're going to get that text message and so whatever you're going to be able to drop what you're doing at that.

(00:39:09) Nothing is ever going to replace the human element.

(00:42:21) But when you show them the boundaries, then 99% of the time, they're going to respect them. And if they don't respect them, then they're not a good customer, and you've cut them, and then they'll go do it to somebody else. Because at the end of the day, if it's every now and again, it's not a big deal. But if this person is a pain in your ass, it's like, how much is this business really worth?

(00:48:43) But the way we have this conversation and breaking these little things down at a lower level is really helpful to people.

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Discover how Chris's hustle and determination led him to become an Apex executive and a member of leadership council. ๐ŸŒ

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But here's the thing: it's not just about physically being with someone. It's about connecting with like-minded individuals who understand your struggles and can offer valuable insights, regardless of the industry you're in.

Greg and Chris share their own experiences of finding genuine relationships and the invigorating effect it has on their lives. They talk about how conversations shift from superficial topics to collaborating on meaningful projects that benefit others.

If you've ever felt stuck or overwhelmed by shiny object syndrome, this episode is a must-listen. Greg and Chris dive into the importance of staying focused on what truly matters and avoiding the temptation of jumping at every opportunity that comes your way.

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Welcome to another episode of "The Traded Life" podcast, where we delve into the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship and personal growth. In this episode, our host Greg Michelman engages in a captivating conversation with Chris Kille, a successful entrepreneur and founder of Elevate Outsourcing. Together, they share invaluable insights, practical advice, and data-driven strategies that can help you optimize productivity and achieve business growth. Let's dive in!

Surrounding Yourself with Elevated Individuals:

One of the key takeaways from the conversation between Greg and Chris is the importance of surrounding oneself with elevated individuals who can inspire and challenge personal and professional growth. As entrepreneurs, it's crucial to build a community of like-minded individuals who understand your journey and can provide support and guidance.

Managing Customer Inquiries with Efficiency:

Greg and Chris discuss the significance of implementing a ticketing system to handle customer inquiries effectively. By prioritizing returning calls in the order they are received, the company ensures fair and efficient customer service. The system also sends an automatic email to customers, reassuring them that their inquiries will be addressed, which helps manage customer expectations and reduces interruptions from phone calls.

Setting Boundaries with Customers:

The conversation highlights the importance of setting boundaries with customers and not hesitating to cut off those who do not respect them. Chris shares an example of a customer who abused the system by repeatedly calling for a non-emergency issue. The company owner confronted the customer, leading to an apology and a realization of the customer's inappropriate behavior. This incident emphasizes the need to prioritize self-respect and not waste valuable time on customers who do not value the service provided.

Managing Phone Calls and Distractions:

Greg and Chris discuss the challenges of shiny object syndrome and the need to stay focused. Greg prefers to be contacted via text message rather than phone calls or app notifications, as answering phone calls disrupts his flow and takes time to regain focus. Chris protects his time and energy by not answering non-urgent phone calls and encourages others to do the same. By using a voicemail message to inform callers about being on "do not disturb" and encouraging text messages for urgent matters, Chris efficiently manages interruptions and maintains productivity.

Prioritizing Self and Saying No:

Greg shares his experience of going through a "season of no," where he said no to everything and focused solely on his own priorities. This period of introspection allowed Greg to evaluate the distractions and pitches he received daily, helping him regain clarity and focus. Chris also emphasizes the importance of saying no to avoid being pulled in multiple directions. Both entrepreneurs highlight the significance of prioritizing oneself and not pouring from an empty cup.

The Power of Proximity and Genuine Relationships:

Greg and Chris discuss the concept of proximity being power and the value of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals. They emphasize the positive impact of being welcomed and supported by a community. By engaging in meaningful discussions about collaboration and building something impactful, entrepreneurs can find inspiration and overcome challenges. They also acknowledge the presence of shiny object syndrome and the need to stay focused on what truly matters.


In this enlightening podcast episode, Greg Michelman and Chris Kille provide practical advice and data-driven insights for entrepreneurs seeking personal and professional growth. From effectively managing customer inquiries with a ticketing system to setting boundaries with customers, they share strategies that can optimize productivity and achieve business growth. Additionally, they highlight the importance of prioritizing oneself, saying no to distractions, and surrounding oneself with elevated individuals. By implementing these strategies, you can navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and unlock your true potential. Remember, success is not about chasing every opportunity but staying focused on what truly matters.


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