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Young Entrepreneur: Finding My Way with Brock Erdman

Episode Notes

This episode of the podcast explores the many ways successful business partnerships are made and maintained. From understanding customer needs to delegating tasks, it emphasizes the importance of risk-taking, communication, and resilience in order to find fulfillment and success. It covers how to manage distractions, build meaningful relationships, and overcome setbacks. By discussing the importance of open communication and befriending strangers, it provides helpful insights into how to develop strong business partnerships.

Episode Outline:

(00:00:05) Sales Background

(00:07:20) Finding Fulfillment

(00:13:52) Moving Forward After Setbacks

(00:20:17) Partnership Challenges

(00:26:53) Open Communication

(00:33:20) Uncomfortable Conversations

(00:38:55) Managing Distractions

(00:44:46) Growing Business Partnership

(00:51:02) Befriending Strangers


(00:05:23) So no matter where I started, I mean, there's in every part of life as far as business or the trades or whatever it is, the main thing is you are always trying to help people.

(00:12:53) We're constantly in this battle of finding out who we are, carving out our path, figuring out what that path looks like, and then planting the seeds along the way to enrich your life.

(00:19:43) It happened. So, kind of jumped in, how do we move forward?

(00:23:54) But at the same time, the stuff I like to do outside of work is completely different than some of the things Adam likes to know. The way even just speaking on our schedules, I work a lot better in the morning hours. If I wake up and I can get to the gym and I can get through my routine and everything, I work better during, I guess, if you will, normal people hours.

(00:31:49) Communication is always at the top and open communication and honest communication. And we found that if that one piece is lacking in any part of the business, any part of it, that's what falls apart.

(00:37:56) It's only tough, like, once or twice after it becomes normal. It's not a tough conversation anymore. It's just business. This is the conversation we have to have. I feel this. Do you feel that? Okay, how do we come to a happy medium and pump the company in the same direction? Keep moving in the same direction?

(00:43:37) It's like if that's the worst-case scenario, anything north of that is a win.

(00:49:42) Stick with what you're working on. Yes, it's hard work. Yes, it takes time. Yes, you'll have to home in on a lot of things. And I'm sorry to say this, but if you want to be an entrepreneur, the work never stops because there'll be another venture.

(00:52:30) It's all about elevating. And I think when you get into those right circles, you see how much your life changes, because it's not just you're watching everybody go through the struggle, but not only are we going through the struggle together, but we're also helping each other to get through the struggle.

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Are you looking for a way to make an impact in the world? Then you need to listen to the latest episode of The Traded Life podcast! Greg Michelman and Brock Erdman discuss how to transition into a sales position and how to make a difference in the world. Brock shares his story of how he left his job at John Deere to pursue a career in renewable energy and how he found fulfillment in helping people. Tune in to hear more about Brock's journey and how you can make a difference in the world! #TheTradedLife #MakingAnImpact #RenewableEnergy

Are you looking for a way to grow and develop in your business partnerships? Look no further than The Traded Life podcast! In this episode, Greg Michelman and Brock Erdman discuss the importance of having uncomfortable conversations and how to approach them in a way that gets your point across without ruffling feathers. They also talk about the importance of being upfront and honest with your partner, and how to keep the slate clean by having regular conversations. Tune in to hear their advice and learn how to make your business partnerships thrive! #TheTradedLife #BusinessPartnerships #GrowthAndDevelopment

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for guidance? Then you need to listen to the latest episode of The Traded Life podcast! Greg Michelman and Brock Erdman share their journey of building a successful business from the ground up. From going door to door with a notepad and pen to automating their operations and delegating tasks, they discuss the importance of honing your craft and never stopping. Tune in to hear their inspiring story and get the motivation you need to take your business to the next level! #TheTradedLife #Entrepreneurship #BusinessSuccess

Blog Post:

Are you considering a career change and looking to get hands-on experience in a new field? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have made the transition from one career to another, and it’s a journey worth exploring.

Take Greg Michelman and Brock Erdman, for example. Greg was going through a difficult time with his family and was feeling overwhelmed and distracted. His sales performance was slipping, and he asked Brock for advice on how to present his situation to his business partner. Brock noted that it is human nature to think of the worst case scenario, but that it is important to have an open mind. He praised Greg and Adam for their maturity in having the difficult conversation.

Greg and Adam started a company, Royalty Renewables, with a partner, Adam, and made it official by setting up an LLC. They have different personalities and skill sets that complement each other, and have established a structure within the company to define each person's roles and responsibilities. They have a weekly meeting to discuss important topics related to the company, and Greg works better in the morning while Adam works better in the evening.

Greg and Brock discussed the mission of the person Greg was working with or for. Greg was not dialed into the mission and it was hard to get the results he was looking for. Greg was molding and shaping his life for what he wanted it to be. He was let go from his job and was upset, but he was able to keep a good mindset and move forward. He had been working on seasonal crews and was collecting unemployment when he joined Adam Kramer in solar acquisition. Greg was offered a sales position with a good hourly wage and commission. Adam wanted Greg to stick with the solar acquisition, but Greg chose to go back to the sales position.

Greg and Brock recognize the importance of having uncomfortable conversations in order to grow. Greg has learned to approach conversations in a way that is more like “wrapping his arms around” the other person. Brock emphasizes the importance of being upfront and having conversations about issues that matter. They both agree that it is important to have conversations and not let problems compound. They suggest having an outline for meetings to know what topics will be discussed, and having regular conversations to keep the slate clean and start fresh.

Greg and Brock also talked about their experiences in the last year. Greg was at an event and didn't know anyone, so he called Adam and asked who the people were. Adam told him to look for people wearing black shirts or shirts with “badass stuff” on them. Greg walked up to Brock and introduced himself, and they went to lunch five minutes later. Brock appreciates the community he found and how it has helped him grow. He believes that when you get into the right circles, your life changes.

Brock shared his experience of going to his first Mastermind event in Utah, where he didn't know anyone but was welcomed with open arms. He believes in helping others and elevating them to his level or beyond. Brock and Greg started with nothing but a notepad and pen when they first got into the industry. They are working to remove their names from the chart of all moving parts and operations within the company, trying to figure out what they can delegate and what they still need to focus on between the two of them. They are struggling to let go of the things they built because it's like their baby. They are also moving into different avenues of marketing, including Facebook and other social media platforms. They have been advised to stick with what they're working on and not chase after shiny objects.

It’s clear that getting hands-on experience in a field before attempting to sell it is key to success. Greg and Brock have worked hard to build their company from the ground up, and their experiences are proof that having an open mind and having difficult conversations can help you get the results you’re looking for.


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